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About David

David is an immigrant who is struggling and success doesn't come easy. David came from a small village in Vietnam to the United States when he was 12 years old. Since then, David has faced many struggles and challenges to instill the value of an honest person, commitment to his family and loyalty to him in the Harris County community.

Upon arriving in the United States with only a sixth-grade education, David was unaware of the difficulties he would face in the future as well as of many achievements. From that moment, David journeyed through high school in Longview, Texas, to the University of Houston, and finally to Thurgood Marshall School of Law. The journey was not easy and there are many obstacles in places.

David has been practicing law since 2006 and over the years, he has represented thousands of individuals in a variety of issues such as personal injury and criminal defense. David sees in his practice over many years of experience that his community does not have access to legal information and resources. In response to this, David began a campaign to inform his community of such matters, and also facilitated their legal representation in partnerships with law firms from around the nation. 

Today, as a father of six children and a husband for a loving wife, David learned the idea of commitment to the family and a sense of responsibility of a citizen in serving the community. And with the idea of Thurgood Marshall showed “In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute”; so, despite a busy schedule, David somehow manage to find time to serve as a volunteer instructor for the law students, preparing them for the bar exam to become a licensed attorney.

David wants to continue giving back to his community, and public service is his calling. With this goal, and in this spirit, David Vuong announces his candidacy for the Judge of the 337th Criminal District Court of Harris County, Texas.

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